Campground Map

Campground Rules

  • CHECK-IN: Campsites 1pm.  Cabins 4pm.  Please, no early arrivals as we need the time to clean sites and cabins for you.
  • CHECKOUT: 11:00am PROMPT. All campsites & cabins.
  • OFFICE HOURS: 9am - 9pm
  • QUIET HOURS: 10pm - 8am Includes sounds and voices coming from inside your tent/camper/cabin.  Quiet hours are enforced for the consideration of all our guests.
  • LIGHTS OUT: As with quiet hours, you are required to turn off ALL exterior vanity/decoration/task lighting at 10pm. You can use the porch light by your camper door.
  • DOGS: MUST BE LEASHED AT ALL TIMES - NO EXCEPTIONS!  Pick up after your dog, do not leave food in bowls on your site (you will have unwanted visitors). Dogs are not allowed on empty campsites, in the bath house, pool and pool area, and game room. For cabins - please bring a blanket and towels from home for your dog. DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON BEDS/FURNITURE! Dogs me be be off leash in the river ONLY. Barking dogs are not allowed, only well behaved dogs are permitted. No guest is permitted to leave their dog on premisses unattended.
  • BATH HOUSE: Restrooms will be closed for cleaning between the hours of 11am and 1pm.  Occasionally there may be times earlier in the morning and later in the evening when they are checked/cleaned.  
  • CAMPFIRES: Must be out by 11:30pm per Fire Marshall.  Do not add wood after 11pm.  DO NOT CUT OUR TREES/SHRUBS FOR KINDLING!  DO NOT MOVE FIRE PITS! 
  • CHILDREN: Must be back on your campsite by 8pm or dark. An adult MUST be with the "little" kids at playground, while riding bikes, in the pool area, and at the river front.
  • TRASH: Place trash in marked dumpster, DO NOT put trash in recycling dumpster (we pay huge fines for that).  Recycling goes into either the Recycling Shed, or marked Recycling dumpster when open.  Absolutely NO plastic bags in recycling dumpster. (Their rule, not ours.) We CAN NOT accept any propane tanks or 1 pound canisters.  You must brings those home with you.  If you have broken equipment (tents - canopies - tables - etc),  please check with the office. DO NOT put into dumpster.  DO NOT dispose of automotive fluids at our campground. Dumpsters are secured after dusk to prevent wildlife in the campground.
  • RIVER:  NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. Swim, or play at your own risk. Access to the river is up by the office near site R-1.  Please refrain from using the "at-will" paths on the river front sites.    Dogs may be Off Leash only while in the river.  A fishing license is required for 16 yrs+ and may be obtained in town.  Water depth is dependent upon rainfall. 
  • WASHING RV'S: No washing of vehicles, campers, rv's, pets, boats, etc.
  • ALCOHOL: Must be discreetly covered, no walking with open containers. Drunk and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. There will be NO REFUND when asked to leave.
  • FIREWORKS, Firearms and ILLEGAL DRUGS (CANNABIS/MARIJUANA - illegal in New Hampshire): ARE NOT allowed anywhere on the campground property. Drug issues are handled by the local or state law enforcement. There will be NO REFUND when asked to leave.
  • VISITORS: As the registered user of your campsite you are responsible for informing your guest of the rules of the campground and are responsible for their behavior while they are here under your supervision. Visitors are allowed from 1pm to 8pm and have access to all the campground facilities during these hours. The visitor fee is $10/each and can be prepaid by the site user, or by the visitor upon their arrival and checking in.
  • PARKING: Only ONE (1) car/truck/tow vehicle is allowed per site plus your camping unit, or cabin. (ONLY SEASONAL SITES CAN HAVE 2 VEHICLES)  Extra vehicles are $5 per day and MUST be parked in the overflow area in front of the store.

Pool, Playground & Park Area

  • POOL: Memorial Day - Labor Day, from 9am -8pm or dark. NO LIFEGUARD on duty.  Under 15 years MUST have an adult of 21 yrs+ in the fenced pool area (not outside sitting at a bench). MUST SHOWER before entering the pool. NO DIAPERS, NO FOOD OR DRINK AND NO DOGS IN POOL AREA.
  • REC HALL & PLAY GROUND: Hrs 9am - 8pm, or dark.  NO bike riding after dark (any age). NO motorized scooters, bikes, etc. Please have your children off the playground equipment and field by 8pm or dark for their safety.
  • RIVER PICNIC AREA: This is a river front community space for all to enjoy and is located behind the office and adjacent to the river access near site R1. It is a beautiful spot overlooking the river with picnic tables, chairs and swings for your enjoyment.  Dogs MUST be leashed in this area. Please keep the area clean for all to enjoy. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY - swim at your own risk.