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Along the River Site Map

Along the River Campground and Cabins Rules & Information

  • CHECK-IN: All Campsites 1:00 PM. All Cabins 4:00 PM No early arrivals. All guests must be checked in by 9:00 PM. No late arrivals.
  • CHECKOUT: All campsites and cabins by 11:00 AM PROMPT.
  • OFFICE / STORE HOURS: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM.
  • QUIET HOURS: 10:00 PM - 8:00 AM Includes sounds and voices coming from in/outside of your tent/camper/cabin. Quiet hours are enforced for the consideration of all our guests.
  • LIGHTS OUT: We ask that at 10:00 PM you turn off your decorative outdoor lighting, and LED coach/awning lights. Be mindful of others who want to enjoy the star-lit night sky.
  • DOGS: MUST BE LEASHED AT ALL TIMES - NO EXCEPTIONS! MUST BE LEASHED AT ALL TIMES - NO EXCEPTIONS! Leashes MUST be NO LONGER than 6 feet and be attached to a human at the other end. Dogs are only allowed off-leash while in the river. Dogs are ONLY allowed in pet friendly cabins and are NOT to be on any furniture, or sleep in the bedding or on the beds. Please bring your dog’s towels if they are going in the river. DO NOT USE our provided towels. Only well behaved dogs are allowed. Dogs are to remain with their human at all times. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG ALONE at any time. Dogs are not permitted in the bath house, on empty campsites, in the game room, in the pool or pool area. YOU MUST PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG.
  • CHILDREN: Must be back to their campsite/cabin by dark or 8:00 PM. Please remind your children of morning quiet hours if they wake early.
  • BIKES & THINGS: Pedal bikes and foot powered scouters only with helmets. Do not ride after dark. NO E-BIKES, RIDE ON RECHARGEABLE CARS, R/C CARS - PLANES - DRONES. Ride only on campground roads. Do not cut through campsites or cabin areas.
  • BATHHOUSE: Please plan accordingly as restrooms are closed for cleaning between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. There may be other times when they are checked/cleaned.
  • CAMPFIRES: Burn only wood provided by the campground in your fire pit. FIRE PITS ARE NOT DUMPSTERS - DO NOT BURN TRASH it attracts animals. No outside firewood, pallets, construction, etc wood allowed. Cutting of trees, shrubs, and scrapping of tree bark are not allowed. Per Fire Marshall, fire pits are not to be moved, fires are to be out by 11:30 PM. Do not add wood after 11:00 PM. When leaving your site, you are responsible for your fire to be DEAD OUT COLD! No Exceptions!
  • TRASH & RECYCLING: Place in appropriately marked dumpsters near game room. Propane canisters can not be put in trash or recycling. Trash is for refuse, no bulk items like camping gear, grills, camp furniture, bikes, etc. See office if you need to deal with types of items. Recycling is single stream - meaning everything goes in loose. NO PLASTIC BAGS - those are considered trash. Any food contaminated container like pizza boxes are considered trash, not recyclables. No automotive fluids or containers.
  • WiFi: Our WiFi is designed to allow you to use social media, check e-mail & browse the web. This service is not designed for gaming, video streaming, or other high bandwidth activities, though they will run on our network. Severe weather can slow the transmission. Please log your devices off when you are not using the WiFi. Idle devices consume bandwidth.
  • POOL: Open 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM or dark from Memorial Day - Labor Day. NO LIFEGUARD on duty. Under 15 years MUST have an adult of 21 yrs + inside the fenced pool area. All swimmers MUST shower before entering the pool. NO DIAPERS, NO FOOD OR DRINKS, NO DOGS IN THE POOL AREA OR POOL. Complete rules posted on pool house.
  • RIVER & PICNIC AREA: Due to the soil conditions and steepness of the riverbank, the only river access point is behind the Store/Rec-Hall. Please refrain from descending the riverbank on the river view sites. NO LIFEGUARD on duty. Dogs may be off leash ONLY in the river. River level is dependent on rainfall. A fishing license is required by law for 16 yrs + and may be purchased on-line. We will print you the required hard copy at no charge.
  • REC HALL & PLAYGROUND: These areas are generally open from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, or dark. Please, no bikes in the rec hall. For the safety of all, please have your children back at your site by 8:00 PM or dark.
  • WATER: Please conserve water. We have town supplied water and pay for every gallon. NO washing of your vehicles/campers, pets, etc.
  • ALCOHOL: Containers must be discreetly covered, no walking with open containers. Drunken and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. There will be NO REFUNDS when asked to leave.
  • FIREWORKS, FIREARMS AND ILLEGAL DRUGS (CANNABIS/ MARIJUANA - illegal in New Hampshire):: Fireworks of any type, including sparklers, are not permitted on the campground property. Drug issues are handled by the local or state law enforcement. There will be NO REFUNDS when asked to leave.
  • VISITORS: You, as the registered site user are responsible for informing your guests of the rules of the campground and are responsible for their behavior. Visitors are allowed between 1:00 PM and 8:00 PM and are required to register at the store/office where they pay the visitor fee. Visitors are not to exceed site occupancy limits.
  • PARKING: Only 1 car/truck, plus your camping unit is permitted on each site or cabin. (ONLY SEASONAL CAMPERS MAY HAVE 2 VEHICLES ON SITES) Visitors are required to park in the parking area in front of the house.
  • EMERGENCY: First call 911 for all medical emergencies, then notify the campground office 603-846-1026.